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Chelsea Wolfe - Birth Of Violence (2019)

...drink my dreams and sell my soul...

Αφήνοντας σιγά-σιγά πίσω μας έναν ακόμα χρόνο θα ήθελα να σας παρουσιάσω ένα από τα άλμπουμ που με εντυπωσίασαν περισσότερο το 2019. Το "Birth Of Violence" της Chelsea Wolfe κυκλοφόρησε τον Σεπτέμβριο από την Sargent House.

Η Chelsea πέρα από φωνάρα, είναι εξαιρετική συνθέτρια και ακόμη πιο εξαιρετική μουσικός. Οι δε ατμόσφαιρες που δημιουργεί διέπονται από μια ακαταμάχητη μελαγχολία και ένα πολύ ελκυστικό έρεβος. Με σπασμένα φρένα και με τη δημιουργικότητα στο μάξιμουμ, μας προσφέρει ένα ακόμη folk/dark americana διαμάντι.

Αρμονία, τέχνη, σουρεαλιστικά τοπία, gothic και folk. Η κιθάρα, ακουστική, επιμένει να κινείται σε experimental διαδρομές σε συνδυασμό με τα κύματα από τα πλήκτρα. Η φωνή της, σαγηνευτική και πνευματική, πολύπλοκα σε μιαίνει. Αισιοδοξία και θρήνος. “The Mother Road”, όταν η ανάγκη για αγάπη, έμφυτη, κυριαρχεί σε όλο το album. To “American Darkness” γράφτηκε για ένα όνειρο, βασισμένο σε Tarot, σαν να ερμηνεύει τον χρη…

Chris de Burgh - Spanish Τrain

Στίχοι Chris de Burgh
Το έγραψε το 1975
Ένα αριστούργημα κατ εμε, ένα καταπληκτικό παραμύθι που μόνο ο Burgh μπορεί να γράψει πραγματεύοντας την σχέση Θεού διαβόλου,
Για την ερμηνεία και την μελωδία ούτε λόγος.

To Spanish Train είναι απλά απο τα μεγαλύτερα δημιουργήματα στην ιστορία της μουσικής.
Ο Chris de Burgh εμπνέεται από το τρένο-φάντασμα που πηγαινοέρχεται μεταξύ της παλιάς Σεβίλλης και της Guadalquivir και διηγείται με την αγγελική φωνή του τι πραγματικά συμβαίνει... Στο τρένο βρίσκονται ο Χριστός και ο Διάβολος, οι οποίοι παίζουν πόκερ με στοίχημα τις χιλιάδες ψυχές που βρίσκονται κι αυτές στο τρένο....


There's a Spanish train that runs between
Quadalquivir and old Seville
And at dead of night the whistle blows
And people fear she's running still...

And then they hush their children back to sleep
Lock the doors, upstairs they creep
For it is said that the souls of the dead
Fill that train ten thousand deep!!

Well a railwayman lay dying with his people by his side
His family were crying, knelt in prayer before he died
But above his head just awaiting for the dead
Was the Devil with a twinkle in his eye
Well God's not around and look what I've found
this one's mine

Just then the Lord himself appeared in a blinding flash of light
And shouted at the devil Get thee hence to endless night
But the Devil just grinned and said I may have sinned
But there's no need to push me around,
I got him first so you can do your worst
He's going underground

But I think I'll give you one more chance
Said the Devil with a smile
So throw away that stupid lance
It's really not your style
Joker is the name
Poker is the game
We'll play right here on this bed,
And then we'll bet for the biggest stakes yet
The souls of the dead

And I said Look out, Lord, he's going to win,
The sun is down and the night is riding in,
That train is dead on time
many souls are on the line
Oh Lord, he's going to win

Well the railwayman he cut the cards
and he dealt them each a hand of five
And for the Lord he was praying hard
For that train he'd have to drive...
Well the Devil he had three aces and a king
And the Lord he was running for a straight
He had the queen and the knave and the nine and ten of spades
All he needed was the eight

And then the Lord he called for one more card
But he drew the diamond eight
And the Devil said to the son of God
I believe you've got it straight
So deal me one for the time has come
To see who'll be the king of this place
But as he spoke from beneath his cloak
He slipped another ace

Ten thousand souls was the opening bid
And it soon went up to fifty-nine
But the Lord didn't see what the Devil did
and he said that suits me fine
I'll raise you high to hundred and five
And forever put an end to your sins
But the Devil let out a mighty shout, My hand wins

And I said Lord, oh Lord, you let him win
The sun is down and the night is riding in
That train is dead on time, many souls are on the line
Oh Lord, don't let him win...

Well that Spanish train still runs between
Quadalquivir and old Seville
And at dead of night the whistle blows
And people hear she's running still

And far away in some recess
The Lord and the Devil are now playing chess
The Devil still cheats and wins more souls
And as for the Lord, well, he's just doing his best

And I said Lord, oh Lord, you've got to win
The Sun is down and the night is riding in
That train is still on time
Oh my soul is on the line
Oh Lord, you've got to win 



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