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Ni Moya - Ni Moya (2020)

Following a long-held tradition in electronic music, the project by the name of Ni Moya is a one-man operation. John Vagenas started out a life of artistic creation when he entered the Film Department of  the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, where he later wrote and directed «Warp», a 30’ surrealistic horror film, engulfed in the teachings of David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky and Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Shortly after, he co-founded the psychedelic rock band Naxatras, assuming the bass guitar / lead vocals duties and proceeding in the following decade to make an acclaimed career in the psych rock scene, with 3 fully analogue recorded albums and an ever increasing number of tours throughout Europe and Australia.
Ni Moya as a project came to life around the same period, when deep experimentation with music-making software triggered something creative, soon to be followed by the love for analogue synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, sequencers and the decision to compose with hardware equip…

Julie London - Boy On A Dolphin (1957)

Οι περισσοτεροι γνωριζουν το κομματι αυτο με τη φωνη της Σοφιας Λορεν και ελληνικους στιχους που το τραγουδουσε σε μια σκηνη της ταινιας "Το παιδι και το δελφινι" που ειχε γυριστει στην Ελλαδα.
Λιγοι ξερουν πως στους τιτλους αρχης της ταινιας το τραγουδουσε η σπουδαια Julie London με τη μαγευτικη φωνη και ερμηνεια της...
Η συνθεση ειναι του Τακη Μωρακη, αν και στα credits της ταινιας δεν αναφερεται.
Απολαυστε το!!!


There's a tale that they tell of a dolphin
And a boy made of gold.
With the shell of the pearls in the deep
He has lain many years fast asleep.
What they tell of the Boy on A Dolphin
Who can say if it's true.
Should he rise from the depths of the ocean
And wish that you wish will come true.

You say he is only a statue
And what can a statue achieve.
And yet while I'm gazing at you
My heart tells my head to believe.
If the boy whom the God have enchanted
Should arise from the sea
And the wish of my heart could be granted
I would wish that you loved only me


Δημοσίευση σχολίου

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