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Ni Moya - Ni Moya (2020)

Following a long-held tradition in electronic music, the project by the name of Ni Moya is a one-man operation. John Vagenas started out a life of artistic creation when he entered the Film Department of  the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, where he later wrote and directed «Warp», a 30’ surrealistic horror film, engulfed in the teachings of David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky and Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Shortly after, he co-founded the psychedelic rock band Naxatras, assuming the bass guitar / lead vocals duties and proceeding in the following decade to make an acclaimed career in the psych rock scene, with 3 fully analogue recorded albums and an ever increasing number of tours throughout Europe and Australia.
Ni Moya as a project came to life around the same period, when deep experimentation with music-making software triggered something creative, soon to be followed by the love for analogue synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, sequencers and the decision to compose with hardware equip…

Eric Burdon and The Animals - Monterey (1967)

Το φεστιβαλ του Μοντερεϊ πραγματοποιηθηκε στις 16-18 Ιουνιου του 1967. Ηταν το πρωτο ευρεως προωθημενο ροκ φεστιβαλ προσελκυοντας εως και 90.000 ατομα και θεωρειται η αρχη του “Summer Of Love”. Εγινε προτυπο για τα επομενα μουσικα φεστιβαλ, όπως αυτο του Woodstock που ακολουθησε 2 χρονια αργοτερα.

Εχει μεινει στην ιστορια ως η πρωτη μεγαλη εμφανιση επι Αμερικανικου εδαφους των Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Ravi Shankar, Janis Joplin & Otis Redding.
Συμμετειχαν οι ηδη καθιερωμενοι Eric Burdon & The Animals, Simon & Garfunkel, Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Mamas & The Papas, The Byrds και πολλοι αλλοι.

Το τραγουδι κυκλοφορησε ως single το 1967, αλλα επισης συμπεριληφθηκε στο LP “The Twain Shall Meet” (1968) των Eric Burdon & The Animals και ειναι φορος  τιμης  του Eric Burdon σε αυτη μαγευτικη εμπειρια του Monterey Festival. Περιγραφει συμβαντα, όπως π.χ. για τους καλλιτεχνες που συμμετειχαν κι οπως λεει  σε καποιο σημειο «ακομα και οι αστυνομικοι διασκεδαζαν μαζι μας».

«Αν θελεις να ανακαλυψεις την αληθεια της ζωης
Μην αφησεις τη μουσικη να σε προσπερασει»


The people came and listened
Some of them came and played
Others gave flowers away
Yes they did
Down in Monterey
Down in Monterey

Young gods smiled upon the crowd
Their music being born of love
Children danced night and day
Religion was being born
Down in Monterey

The Byrds and the Airplane
Did fly
Oh, Ravi Shankar's
Music made me cry

The Who exploded
Into violent light (yeah)
Hugh Masekelas music
Was black as night

The Grateful Dead
Blew everybody's mind
Jimi Hendrix, baby
Believe me
Set the world on fire, yeah!

His majesty
Prince Jones smiled as he
Moved among the crowd
Ten thousand electric guitars
Were groovin' real loud, yeah

If you wanna find the truth in life
Don't pass music by
And you know
I would not lie
No, I would not lie
No, I would not lie
Down in Monterey

Hu! huh-huh!


Three days of understanding
Of moving with one another
Even the cops grooved with us
Do you believe me?

Down in Monterey
Down in Monterey, yeah
Down in Monterey
Down in Monterey, yeah

I think that maybe I'm dreamin'!



Down in Monterey

Did you hear what I said?

Down in Monterey

That some music

I said
Monterey, Monterey, Monterey
Yeah-yeah, hey-hey-hey
A-ay, a-ay, a-ay-a-ay


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